Sitting on the couch, listening to the news...'According to a Canadian study, findings exposed that Malta ranks first with child obesity in the classrooms'. This statement offered an opportunity to discuss how we can give our fair share to society and along, came the initiative of Outdoor Adventure Education with our motto:

'Get the children out of the classroom and into the great outdoors where learning happens naturally'


Kamaja - deriving from the first syllabi of the founding members; Kayleigh, Martin and Janice, started as family quality time together, while at the same time entertaining children...stretching them out of their comfort zone with activities held outside. Later on Jean Pierre joined the team and facilitated the latest venture with programmes to adolescents as well.


Along the years, adventure education started to be appreciated and in 2010, Adventure Summer was launched. Adventure birthday parties started to be requested and hence, another important pillar of Kamaja Outdoors was structured. The last initiative was to offer Boot Camps during school holidays to assist working parents and help them with a fun, active place for their children. 


In 2014 Kamaja Outdoors was requested to build a programme and integrate adventure with academic subjects. This applied methodology proved to be a huge success with students who were not keen to pursuit the academic path but wanted to be as successful as their peers. Adventure Programme offers an alternative method and exposed other avenues which needed to be addressed. Further development of this programme was the changes in methodologies according to the audiences. It paved the way to a more concise and motivational course entitled 'Winning Hearts and Minds' and a more physically challenging course entitled 'Into Responsible Citizenship'


These demands led Kamaja Outdoors to become a
Licenced Teaching Institution offering:

The Award in Adventure Programme,
MQF 2 - 4 EVCET's

The Applied Award in Uncovering the Future through Adventure,
MQF 2 - 2 Credits

The Applied Award in Adventure Education
MQF 3 - 1 Credit

The Applied Award in Responsible Citizens and Leadership,
MQF 3 - 10 Credits

Programmes under School Leaving Certifications (SLC)

Mini Kamajans Programme
A running course every Tuesday afternoon

Troops Adventure Programme.
A running course every Saturday morning

Adolescents Adventure Programme.
A running course every Saturday afternoon

Other courses offered in Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, under the
School Leaving Certification (SLC) are:


Fire Fighting
Iron Kamajan
Emergency First Aid

Survival in the Wilderness
Map Reading and Navigation
Water Rescue and Life Saving



Kamaja Outdoors' humble start led the way to exciting endeavours which indeed makes it an adventurous path to all those who form part of it. Kamaja Outdoors wished to express their heartfelt thanks all the parents and their children.
Gratitude and thanks to Education Department for supporting this initiative.
Individual Attention:
Although adequate supervision will be provided at all times, adventure is inherently dangerous and we confirm that the children are active almost all the time. For your child’s safety, children who have either a shared or one-to-one LSA during their school time are required to have an individual (not shared) LSA with them all the time. Furthermore, children whose parents know that they do not obey straight away are also recommended to have their individual attention as well. We do not provide LSA.

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