Adventure Programme

is an MQF 2 (NCFHE) holding 4 evcet's which offers the students an opportunity to apply academic subject embedded in adventure activities. This course proved to be an excellent initiative as it directly engages the students, especially those known for their challenging behaviour, expose life after compulsory education and transform them. 
Pilot projects were conducted with:
Form 5 Students attending ALP Paola (Nov 2014)
Form 4's, 3's and 2's attending SCC (last scholastic year)
Form 3 attending STC (last scholastic year)
Form 2's and 1's attending SGPC Middle School (this scholastic year)
This project paved the way to branch Adventure Programme into:
Winning Hearts and Minds
specifically built for students at Form 4 and Form 5

Into Responsible Citizenship
suitable for students at Form 1's, 2's and 3's
The programme spans on one week and covers:
Nature Home Building and Mathematica
Capture the Flag and the Juvenile Justice System
Abseiling and Calculated Risk Taking
Outdoor Cooking and General Science
Zip Lining, speed and Sound.
Assessment at the end of each day ensures that the students understood the concept. This type of assessment exposed, that when the students achieve excellent marks on the first two days they will strive through the next days to be as successful as all other students.
A retired Army Warrant Officer, delivering the sessions, helps to immediately create a role model. This role modelling position encourages to push the students to engage in all activities and absenteeism drops drastically. There were occasions when students who usually skip a couple of days every week, attended the full course, so that they can complete something. 
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